Tile & Grout, Strip & Seal

Avon Cleaning invests in the latest professional twin speed rotary cleaning equipment.
With these professional cleaning machines we offer professional strip and seals for all suitable surfaces floor surfaces.
We also perform professional tile and grout scrubbing for all suitable floor surfaces.
Our strip and seal service and professional tile and grout scrubbing service will make meeting your landlord’s or rental agent’s vacate cleaning requirements an ease.

Tile and Grout

We do a lot more than clean tile and grout. Cleaning and restoring hard surface flooring encompasses a wide range of natural and man made materials. Travertine, slate, marble, non glazed tile, glazed tile, concrete, lino, and of course the Grout. Each of these materials require a specific professional aproach to successfuly strip,clean and restore them to their original beauty. Our professional team brings over forty years of experience ensuring your restoration project is a complete success.

Strip and Seal

Extend the wear of your floor with our vinyl strip and sealing service. Vinyl floors loosen up their sheen without proper sealing. It gets yellowish, discoloured with scratches and abrasions. They attract a lot of grease and makes the flooring worse. With our services we will reseal or seal the vinyl and buff up the surface with fabulous shine. Our service helps to extend the wear and decreases the marks, discoloration and scratches on the vinyl. With the same care and focus on quality, we can also take care of your terracotta tiles and/or slate flooring.

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